Table of Contents

Preface to the Third Edition
Preface to the Second Edition
Foreword by Bertram P. Karon, Ph.D

Part I
A Recipe for Madness

1.    The Environment of the Schizophrenic
2.    The Inner World of the Schizophrenic

Part II
The Making of a Schizophrenic

1.      Mother
2.      The Witch Doctor’s Curse
3.      Father
4.      The Voodoo Curse Continues and is Temporarily Dispelled
5.      A Prepsychotic Interlude
6.      Paradise Lost
7.      Schizo Training Time Begins With A Vengeance
8.      A Prophet Is Born
9.      I Receive My Label
10.    Recapitulation, Analysis, & Conclusion

Part III
The Medical Model Reexamined

1.      Psychiatry’s Giant Step Backwards
2.      Schizophrenia as a Brain Defect
3.      Schizophrenia as a Biochemical Defect
4.      Schizophrenia as a Genetic Defect
5.      Facts the Medical Model Cannot Explain
6.      The Anatomy of a Dogma


My Psychotherapeutic Caper


On the Notion That Schizophrenia Is Not One But Several Different Diseases




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